Success House: Making Good Choices

Detention Procedure

david spade uses classroom management!

Shoot, You Got A Detention. Lets Look At Why.

There are two reasons you might get a detention.

1. You have repeatedly done one of the following...

a. Blurt

b. not prepared for class

c. other (assigned seat, in seat when bell rings etc....)

Friday teacher meeting we'll discuss the week and how each student did. Monday we will assign detentions.

2. You have broken a rule that will lead to automatic detention

a. Insubordination: Not following direct instructions or refusing to follow direct

instructions (live demonstration by your teachers)

b. Disrespectful Language: You know what words we are talking about and if you are not sure just choose a different word you know is safe.

c. Disrespect to other's

d. Disrespect to other's property

e. Horseplay

Chris Farley: Matt Foley "how can we get back on the right track.avi"

Everyday Is A New Start!

* We learn from our mistakes and move on