The Launching Stage

Lily & Maraya

Responsibilities at this Stage - LK

There are not exactly responsibilities that a parent MUST follow. But there are things that a good parent would make sure to do:

  • Help child find a new home or find a college
  • Help child move into home or college
  • Provide emotional support for child leaving home if needed
  • Provide advice for child leaving home
  • If desired, help/completely pay for college expenses

Marital Relationship at this Stage - M

As husband and wife refocus on their marriage, they find renewed needs for communication and sharing. They learn to let their children live their life on their own. They have more leisure time and can pursue new interests.

Major Worries & Stresses at this Stage - LK

When a child leaves, a void is felt. When someone who has been living in the household for many years moves out, most of the time it is lonely for parents and sometimes stressful.

There are many things a parent can be worried or stressed about when a child moves out:

  • Is the parent making a good decision?
  • Is the child making good decisions outside the home?
  • Being alone in the house when all kids move out
  • Will the child continue to allow me to be involved in their life?
  • Is the child safe in a home and are they able to pay the bills?
  • Does the child have a secure job?

How money is spent and used at this stage? - M

In this stage, Money is used or spent mostly on the child that is leaving. They may need to help:
  • House or apartment
  • College
  • car
  • personal things that they can't afford

Parents priority is to help you learn to get out there on your own, so whatever you need they will sometime help with.

A Typical Day in this Stage - LK

A typical day in this stage can be different from day to day. One day, a parent could be looking at apartments or houses with their child getting ready to move out. Another day, the parent could be helping their child move furniture and objects into the child's new home. In another day, a parent may be calling their child on the phone to see how their new life is going.

How many years are typically in this stage? - M

This stage can vary depending on what their future plans are they could plan to wait to go to college or are saving up to buy a home.

What are some Major Goals in this Stage? - LK

The major goals of parents in this stage is to make sure the launching stage goes smoothly and efficiently. The parent may want to make sure that their child has a safe, secure home and that they have a steady job to be able to provide for their child.

Other Major Points of this Stage - M

  1. For the children- Once they have moved out and are stable, their parents will at one point probably need some financial help or health care.
  2. For the parents- If they are able to maintain friends, hobbies, and other interests, these are the years continuing growth. if they withdraw from friendships and activities, they may feel isolated or bored.