Please Choose Me

Zachary Cundiff the Career Technology Tutor

How I Got to be a Career Technology Tutor

Career Technology is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.During 9th grade I realized that I really didn't want to be a doctor, but I really wanted to do something with technology. I searched until I found a career technology tutor. I though that really suited me so I stuck with it until the end of collage. I first went to the Penn State university to get my bachelors degree then I studied even more to receive my masters degree in Career Technology. Now that I am done with college I am have been looking for a job that would suit me. Now I came across you.

Why you should choose me

There are many reasons why you can hire me. I was a strait A student in elementary through high school. I was always complimented on my hard work and effort. I complete a task without any problems. I tend to get all of my task done with ease and I complete the on time. I really like to work in groups. My favorite thing is also to help people. Last I have earned all of my degrees in collage.

Complimentary Closing

I thank you so much for reading this document and I hope you hire me for this new job. I cant wait until you give me an answer. I will also,understand if you do not like my credentials and you don't hire me.