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Wednesday Wellness | January 27, 2016

In This WW:

  1. Are You Following Up with Your Fitness?
  2. FIT Group Update: Drop 20
  3. FIT Group Sneak Peak: Mindful Meditation @ Work | Meeting Today @ 3pm- Conf. Room 2E
  4. Yoga @ The Lakehouse!
  5. Test Your Fitness Knowledge with Dos & Don'ts: Quizz from WebMD
  6. Wednesday's Last Word

1. Are You Following Up with Your Fitness?

It's been said we are our own best trainers, and those findings are yet true. Afterall, how much more "personal" can you get?

We talk a lot about accountability and the importance of support around here, and those elements are certainly necessary for continued success. However, the idea of "if it is to be, it is up to me", has never held deeper meaning than right now. Allow us to challenge your level of personal accountability by asking these questions:

  • Do you wake up everyday with a goal in mind for yourself?
  • Are you working a workout routine and looking forward to tomorrows workout?
  • Did you plan ahead for what you will eat today?
  • Do you have the mentality of year-round resolutions?
  • Are you getting in tune with your body? Its current limitations, plateaus, and progresses?
  • Have you had your follow up to your HRA with nurse Brittany? (The clinic is calling is below)
  • Are you doing your best to stay mentally motivated?
  • Am I following up with my own best fitness?

For additional steps on being your own best trainer, check out the link below via

2. FIT Group Update: The Drop 20 Challenge for Men

33 men have accepted the challenge to drop 20 pounds in 10 weeks! The goal is not simply "drop body weight," but for each challenger to learn his own body composition, to burn body fat while maintaining/building lean muscle, adopt behavorial changes, lose the healthy way of roughly 2lbs per week, and enjoy the journey. We are in week 2 and so far so good! Check it out:

"It's going great! I was down 8lbs this morning when I weighed in. My diet has been very consistent with little cheating. I'm digging it!"

Kyle Hadley

"Going great. This challenge has caused me to try different classes, such as kettlebell and boxing skills. Variety is a key to change."

Michael Flagg

"It's going great. I've been consistent with my workouts and diet. I've got to keep up with Bill O'Loughlin, as he is wasting away before my eyes!"

Steve Smith

"I've been through 3 workouts with Bernard and feeling it! I mix up my cardio in the Coliseum or Kenpo X / Yoga X at home. Doing well with tracking food & drink intake. Trying to keep up the smaller more frequent healthy meals/snacks. Looking forward to seeing if this thing is working."

Scott Haynes

3. FIT Group Sneak Peak: Mindful Meditation @ Work | Meeting Today @ 3pm, Conf. Room 2E

Join Karen Compretta every Wednesday for Mindful Meditation, 3pm-3:30pm. Here is today's topic:

Mindfulness Meditation

Presence - Being In the Moment

Wed. 28th 3:00pm

Come join us to learn about being in the moment and how experiencing the present can create more joy and happiness in your life.

We will be discussing the benefits and tips to Present Awareness. Along with a short guided meditation.

We had a great first Mindfulness Meditation class last Wednesday! If you missed it here are some of the points we covered:

1. You will have thoughts in your meditation. It’s not about getting rid of all your thoughts…this is a great myth. The reason you have thoughts is because your body will release stress when you achieve deeper states of rest as a result of your mind becoming quiet. This is ok, it’s natural and when you do, simply return to your Breath and Meditation.

2. There's always time to meditate. If you look at your day from the perspective of having 72 pockets of 20 minutes in every 24 hour day and choose to put aside just one segment of 20 minutes to meditate, you will notice you will be more productive, have less stress, sleep better and have greater success!

3. Not all meditations are the same. In fact, they are quite different with different results. The point of this 10 week Meditation class is for you to discover what resonates with you so you can develop your own habits and Daily Meditation practice.

Look forward to seeing you this week,

Karen (Rossiter Stretch Therapist)

4. Yoga @ The Lakehouse | Join In!

We now have yoga twice per week at DeVry, meeting in the waterfall room.


  • 12-12:30 - Restorative Yoga
  • 12:30-1 - Power Yoga


  • 12-12:45 - Yoga

Your Lakehouse Wellness Champion: Lynn Cromer!

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5. Test Your Fitness Knowledge with This Quizz!

6. Wednesday's Last Word

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

~World Health Organization

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