NCVPS Latin I Newsletter

Mrs. Pratt, Early Calendar Section I

Salvete, omnes!

Hope this last week has been great for everyone. We are moving right along. Please take a look at the notes below. I have lots of good info this week, especially about progress reports. So please take a look. Please contact me if you need anything at all. Thanks for all you do.

Office Live

We have started a pretty awesome office live weekly meeting. Basically, there is a schedule and there are teachers available each day to go over each week's lesson or any questions they might have. The link to the office live is in the course. Please encourage students to use this if they need some help.

Progress Reports

We have a progress report going out this week. I thought I would copy and paste what I sent the students about this because it sums it up pretty well. If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

  1. They go out every two weeks. This week will go out Tuesday. It will cover everything up to and including chapter 5 narrative.
  2. I have to give an ACCURATE accounting of your grade. That means, I have to give you zeroes for anything that is not completed up through the day that the progress report is due.
  3. Zeroes DO NOT mean that you cannot make up the work. You can make up the work, without penalty, BUT there is one extra step.
  4. That extra step is that as you complete any work that was a zero, you have send me a list of the exact assignments you made up. Blackboard is quirky in that once I put a zero in for an assignment, you can make it up, BUT I can't see that new grade. So you need to send me a list of what you made up so I can open it.

So what does this look like? Well, here's a little scenario

Sally was a bit behind when the progress report went out so she had a few zeroes in her grade. Sally goes in and makes up her work. She then sends me a text/email/phone call saying "Hi, Mrs. Pratt, I have made up 2.5.2, 2.6.3, and the unit I assessment. Thanks!" Then I go back in and grade them and reopen them and all is good in the world.:)

If you have any questions, about this, contact me and I'll go over it with you.


This week's schedule

The red are the assignments due each day.
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This week's schedule

The red are daily assignments.