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What's Up?

This week flew by. We reviewed division with decimals, and began learning about World War 1. We investigated classes of vertebrates, and ended the week with a Science Scavenger Hunt. Also, we read about the Lusitania and took a practice Georgia Milestones test.

Up Next...

This week will be another busy one. We will take Math and Language Arts Benchmarks from the county to see what needs to be reviewed and retaught. Also, we will continue our large research project on an animal with Mrs. Olden in the Media Center. On Friday, your child will have a test that covers World War 1. In Math, we will begin reviewing fractions and we will learn how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators before we leave for the Holiday Break.

Don't forget! Community Service Journals are due Wednesday, December 17th!

ALEKS UPDATE- Your child must master 140 concepts before we return from the break, or they will have to work during their Recess to stay caught up.

Our Class Party

Here are some of the details for our class party on Friday, December 19th:
* The Sing-a-long will be held at 9:30am. Our party will start right after this.
*Food is still TBD. The students need to vote on what they want. Thanks to those who have volunteered to donate for our party. I will get in contact with you once we have this decided.
*Gift exchange- We are doing a Secret Santa for anyone who brings in a wrapped gift. If you would like your child to participate, please get a gift that any child would like that costs between $5-10. The children who bring these gifts in will participate in the swap.
* Students are not permitted to check out until 11:30am.