brest , france

By emmanulle melton

Alittle about brest, france

The city is located on the western edge of Europe. In Brest 142,722 are inhabitants and Brest is at the centre of western Britney's largest metropolitan area with a total population of 300,300
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cites to see

actvites in brest

In Brest France there are many beautiful thing to see such as Océanopolis , it is much more than a aquarium, it divided several ecosystems into one place . Some highlights are shark tanks, rainforest sections, colorful tropical reefs, seals and the icy penguin displays.
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peolpe of brest

The people of Brest have gone through alot such as the bombing of 1944 which destroyed many parts of the city but During the Middle Ages, the history of Brest was the history of its castle. Then Brest turned into it a military harbor.
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places to stay

Hôtel Le Continentl 4-star hotel ,which groups together properties that stand out because of their awsome service and price range. Participation in the program requires meeting a specific set of and takes feedback from previous guests into account.

places to eat

Le coup de fourchette is mknown for its ecellent sevice and amazing comfort
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