Ms. Sizemore's Class News

Wednesday, March 18

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, March 21- IDES Garden Workday
  • Monday, March 23- Field Trip to Pack Library
  • March 30 - April 3- Spring Break
  • Tuesday, April 14- 2nd Grade Performance @ Orange Peel
  • Monday, April 20- PTO, General Meeting
  • Tuesday, April 21- Experience Dickson Night

Volunteers Needed

Our class will be working in the garden with Ms. Joan this Friday afternoon from 12:30-2:00. Students will plant sunflowers, milkweed and (maybe) strawberries. Please let us know if you can come help with these projects.

Celebrate Spring in the Garden

We hope you saw the flyer that went home with your child. Saturday, there will be a variety of activities for your family in the IDES gardens.

Experts Needed

Throughout the month of April, we are focusing on becoming better scientists. The students came up with some activities they could participate in to meet this goal. They thought interviewing some scientists would be a good idea, so if you or someone you know works in the science field, please connect us.

Career Day

Dear Parents and Community Members:

You are invited to talk about your awesome career at the Isaac Dickson Elementary Career Day in May! We want to foster career awareness and expose all students to a variety of careers. Students will see how their interests, abilities, and academic studies relate to the world of work. YOU will be planting a seed in a young student’s mind about their future.

We need YOU to help us by presenting your career to our students on May 8th. If you aren’t interested in presenting, YOU can help us by recruiting your friends and neighbors. Tables will be set up in the gym and library. Vehicles or larger presentations will be outside. Please dress as you normally would on the job and bring any props or goodies to share with the students. Each class will spend 45 minutes at the Career Fair. Be prepared to give a brief 5 minute demonstration about your career and then be prepared for a few questions.

If you would like to present, please follow this link to the google doc to sign up or contact Ms. Donahue, IDES School Counselor. We will contact you with more details later.

K-2 Dance

Calling all DJs! Isaac Dickson is looking to host a school dance for K-2nd graders this spring, but we need some tunes! If you, or someone you know is a DJ who would be willing to donate your time for this event (a Friday from 5:30-7:00), please contact Emma Rosen at or 350-6851. Thank you!

Sound School

Celebrating Chinese New Year

St. Patrick's Day

Colburn Science Museum


  • Thanks to Luna's family and Felix's family for providing healthy, delicious snacks the past few weeks.
  • Thanks to Gabriel (Helia's dad), Ellie (Gabriella's mom), Amy (Stella's mom), Stephanie (Ella's mom) for going with us to the SOCON game.
  • Thanks to Lorne (Gabriella's dad), Kelly (Alastair's mom) and Gabriel (Helia's dad) for going to Pack Library with us last week.
  • Thanks to Bonnie (Nora's mom) and Amy (Stella's mom) for helping us celebrate Chinese New Year.
  • Thanks to June (Maddie's grandmother) and Stephanie (Ella's mom) for going with us to the Colburn Science Museum.

Good-bye Winter! Hello Spring!

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