Albert Battell

By Marta González-Román Jurado

Why is he an everiday hero?

Albert Battell is an everyday hero because he opposed the extermination of the Jewish population of Przemysl in 1942. On 26 July 1942 Samuel Igiel contact with Albert Battell to tell him that a group of Jewish workers were going to be exterminated. He with the permision of his superior, Major Liedtke, brings together an army with the aim to prevent the extermination of workers.

His job:

He worked as a soldier in World War II. A tipicaly working day for a soldier means starting work when a war breaks out and finishing when the war end. A soldier works in places that are in war.

At work he has to fight with soldiers from other countries and try to win. To be a soldier you need these skills: be brave.

My opinion about his job:

I would hate to be a soldier because I don't like wars, I think that they are not necesary and tht the people that participate in them are very cruel. I would prefer to be a teacher to be a teacher because I like to teach people new things.