Suicide & depression

Raquel And Niya

3 Signs/Symptoms Of Depression/Resources

-Dropping Grades

-Isolating Themselves

-Loss of interest in activities one used to enjoy

If you are having a situation in school you should probably tell the guidance/ teacher. Depression is a lack of being down or upset because someone is against you or talking about your appearance.Basically its like someone is picking on you or making u feel uncomfortable and your to afraid to tell them to stop.


3 Warning Signs Of Suicide/Self Injury

-Aggressive or Destructive Behavior

-Beginning To Use Drugs Or Alcohol

-Fatigue Or Lack Of Energy

People can be under suicide such as self injury because they cant handle

the pain or pressure being put on them.To help prevent from suicide you should

think about things that make you happy,or tell someone you feel comfortable with.

You can tell when someone has self harmed themselves they could be acting different or being quiet lately.To help you should probably try to convince them to go

guidance or talk to someone who is responsible about it.