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March 2014


Our participation in the 2013 Chinese New Year parade won an award from The Associated Partners for Public Lands for Best Commemorative Event. Thank you to all who worked so hard on the 2013 and 2014 parade units. If you missed this year's parade, pictures can be found at http://www.alisontaggartbarone.com/2014-NPS-folder/Cninese-New-Year-Parade-2014/i-z36t8Ld (photos courtesy of Alison Taggert-Barone)

"Discovery Days" in the Marin Headlands, held the first weekend in February, encouraged visitors to check out park sites and partner faculties as well as the completed Project Headlands work. Thank you Al Blank for initiating, Sarah Koenen for assisting coordination and all the staff and partners that supported the event.

At the end of January, a small team of people that included Cultural Resource, Business Management, Education, Outreach, SAFR, Presidio and Fort Point staff participated in a facilitated Fort Point Visioning session to brainstorm opportunities at the amazing fort. As a result we have a beautiful graphic panel representing the work and the start of an interpretive plan. Thank you Theresa Griggs for coordinating and Nancy Caplan for the facilitation.


I hope everyone participated in at least one of the classes or the fair during Health and Safety Week. In talking with George Su, his highlights included a Forgiveness class. Some take to share:

1. Stress is perception of what we have to do and what we need to do.

2. Consider other options, if it did not work before try another strategy.

3. Breath with the success knowing that you can breath.

Congratulations Guy Washington and the entire Safety and Wellness team for coordinating a robust and effective Health and Safety Week


A belated thanks to Krista Farley for her great seasonal work in the Marin Headlands. We hope to see her back next season!

Special thank you to Tim Jordon his assistance at Muir Woods the last several month during his detail her from Hawaii.

Congratulations to Lou Sian and MJ Alcantara for completing 5 years and Marcus Koenen for completing 15 years of service in the National Parks.

Congratulations to Michael Faw for receiving the GGNRA Customer Service Award for his support of various aspects of the dog management project : keeping websites updated, producing posters, and manipulating photos or maps for briefing statements. He never failed to find a moment to assist the project manager in answering questions, reformatting, and many other tasks. And all this with his ever-present good humor and determination to solve whatever is thrown at him. This is the kind of unscripted collaboration that makes any group, business or agency function and thrive.

Congratulations Lucy Scott in obtaining her Certificate in Resource Interpretation at Stephen F. Austin University. Lucy has been a Pathways ranger and STEP for four years at GGNRA in the north district and leads the charge with camping in Marin and shuttle logistics at Muir Woods. We are exited that she will continue on with us after her graduation!

Congratulations Andrew Felton for graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Masters of Science Natural Resources. Andrew has been a Pathways ranger at Fort Point for several years and started his career at GGNRA as an intern with Education. We deeply value his contributions to the park and excited to convert him to a full-time ranger with us!

We will miss you Kelli English! Thank you for all your amazing work here at GGNRA and congratulations as Chief at the NPS East Bay Parks. If you want to participate in the real roast, come to her goodbye party on Tuesday March 25, 4 pm at Crissy Field Center


Our seasonal position vacancy closes today and I have heard from HR that we have literally hundreds of candidates that applied. This is great news for us as we have 10-15 seasonals that we are able to hire this year, spread throughout our park lands. We will be sure to update you as we know who will be joining the team.

Bioblitz is just around the corner- March 28-29. Staffing scheduled to be released in the next few days.. Big applause to Nancy Caplan among many others from the division have shown extreme tenacity and dedication coordinating the event so far.

Project Updates

The Alcatraz Sallyport, the island's oldest structure, is about to undergo a stabilization project that includes a new roof and removal of the prison era wooden boat house. This will expose more of the original brickwork and enable us to showcase more of the military structure. The structure will be shrink wrapped and work is expected to continue for at least 8 months. Visitors will be able to pass through the structure during the project.

Planning for the Presidio Visitor Center at Building 210 on the Main Post continues. Feb 19th Architects and Exhibit Designers shared the three conceptual designs with high school students from the I-YEL program to get their initail reactions and then on February 20 shared designs with the project team and executive leadership Frank, Craig and Greg. Lots of good comments about the work that has been done. Next steps will be to decide on a single design.

Upcoming Events

4 March - 28 August. Telling Our Stories - Prison Arts Project: New exhibit opens

on Alcatraz telling features the diverse and highly talented visual artists of the San

Quentin Prison Arts Project, stunning photo portraits of inmates by Peter Merts, and the amazing writing of the on-going Brothers-in-Pen group, led by Zoe Mullery.

25 March. 4pm Kelli English Going Away Party and Crissy Field Center

28 - 29 March National Geographic Bioblitz

4-5 April Backyard Bound Youth Summit a convening of over 100 high school students from around the Bay Area at Rob Hill Campground to enjoy their local national park and discuss ways in which to engage their fellow youth to find a connection to the environment in their own way

5 April - Alcatraz Living History Day (Friends of Civil War bring life to this important era in America's history).

12 April: “In the Kitchen with a Knife” will be performed on Alcatraz (Hospital) by the

Poetic Justice Project. This one hour murder mystery involves engages visitors in

exploring our biases and convictions. Show at 2:00.

5 June- 29 June, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, We Players return to Fort Point to perform Shakespear's Macbeth.

Michele Gee

Chief of Interpretation & Education
Golden Gate National Recreation Area

National Park Service

Fort Mason Building 201

San Francisco, CA 94123