Registered Nurse

Provide care and education to patients and the public

Career Details

Registered Nurses provide advice and emotional support to patients and families. They also coordinate patient care and educates the public about various health conditions and illnesses. Registered Nurses make an average of $31.10 per hour and make an annual wage of $64,690 per year. The work schedule of a Registered nurse is in rotating shifts to cover a full 24 hours of the day. Registered Nurses maybe be working through holidays, weekends, over night, and can be called in at any moment.


-record medical history and symptoms of the patient
-give medicine and treatments
-operate and monitors medical equipment
-teach patients and families how to manage their illness or injury
-help perform diagnostics tests and analyze results


  • Patient
  • Being emotionally stable
  • Speaking skills
  • Critical thinking

Work Places

  • Hospitals
  • School
  • Physician offices
  • Nursing care Facilities

Outlook Jobs

employment of registered nurses are to go up 20% between the time span of 2012-2020

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