Articles of the Confederation

Vicente Ascencio

What where the articles of confederation

This was Americas first plan of government.

This Government was weak because they didn't wanted another king gorge.

Strengths of Articles

-Governed the nation during the revolution war.

-Negotiated the treaty of Paris.

-Passed the land ordinance of 1785.

-Passed the northwest ordinance 1787.

Weaknesses of the articles

-Lacked power enforce laws.

-Lacked power to levy taxes.

-Lacked power.

The North West Ordinance 1787

-One of the good laws created under the A or C.

-Provided a press for creating/admitting new states.

Shays Rebellion

-Farmers thrown in jail b/c of taxes.

-Daniel Shays leads a rebellion against the gov. No cover or laws.

-They got rid of the articles/ Formers were thrown in jail.