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Mission Statement

Our ECHS Owls are taught to have H.O.P.E.--faith in the premise that they can create OPPORTUNITY and a better future through EFFORT, HARD WORK, and PERSONAL COURAGE. This idea of H.O.P.E. is woven into the fabric of our ECHS family.

A Message of H.O.P.E.

Owl Family,

We recognize that we are all enduring times that were unforeseen and so unfamiliar. The lives of our students have changed dramatically and we want to shed a little H.O.P.E. in light of many potential struggles.


Your Hard Work is not unseen. We applaud you for always taking the Opportunity to grow during the toughest circumstances! We encourage you to keep a positive mindset and find the good in what you are experiencing. We understand that this requires great Personal Courage. We acknowledge that it is not and will not be easy, but you are fully capable! The Effort you put forth will benefit you in so many ways!

We miss our Owl Family. Life is just not the same without seeing all your eager faces! Please continue to stay safe and healthy! We look forward to seeing you once we are able to. Continue to be diligent with classwork, you are so close to the end of the school year! Please reach out to us if you need ANYTHING. We will find a way to help you push through.

HOME ACCESS CENTER - How to check ECHS course grades

Click here to register for HAC!

The Home Access Center is an online information system that allows parents/guardians and secondary students access to view student information such as:

  • Set grade notifications
  • Class schedules
  • Class assignments and grades
  • Attendance records
  • Transportation designation
  • Food service PIN#
  • Counselor and teacher contact information
  • Integrated mobile App

To see current and updated grades from At-Home Learning, login and monitor as needed. An official Interim Progress Report will not be sent, so HAC will help provide everyone with an idea of student progress. Reach out to us if you have any questions!

At-Home Learning

Students and teachers are close to wrapping up Week 3 of At-Home Learning! Teachers continue to be available for students through daily office hours. Students can check their google classrooms and slide decks for each class to find these times.

If students are struggling, it's not too late to turn ECHS classwork in! Teachers can work with students to catch up as needed!

SownToGrow accounts are used in AVID to help students set up daily schedules each week and reflect on their progress each week! Thank you AVID Teachers for supporting our students through these unfamiliar times! Take a look at an ECHS senior reflecting on their past week below!

Students in need of tutorials for ACC classes, please reach out to our ECHS teachers for support! Live tutorials may be an option for you if needed!

Please prioritize your ACC classwork and continue to work diligently through those assignments! You're almost to the finish line!

Big picture

NEW Video Chat Option with ECHS Teachers!

Round Rock ISD teachers will use Google Meet to host check-ins with groups of students as an extension of our asynchronous learning model. We recognize the critical importance of the student-teacher connection and we are asking our teachers to provide at least one opportunity a week for students to join in a video chat through Google Meet. Your student’s participation in these video conferences is optional.

Be on the lookout next week for ECHS specifics regarding teacher availability and schedules for the coming weeks! ECHS will begin this roll out with Family groups next Friday and continue into the following week with Content teachers available to check-in with students!

We are very excited about this roll out! What a great opportunity for teachers and students to reconnect during these difficult times!

Requesting Transcripts online!!

Transcript link also available on our ECHS website!

Campus List for Internet availability!

Students needing Internet services

For students needing internet service:

There are also a few Internet Service Providers offering free, trial internet to homes that do not have access. More information can be found in the FAQs on our District’s COVID-19 Website.

Below is a comprehensive list of locations where we have outdoor wireless.

Anderson Mill - Garden Area

Berkman - 2 Outdoor, not sure of location

Cedar Ridge - Band Pad

Early College - Parking Lot for food truck

Gattis -Playground, Middle Courtyard

Johnson - Outside Library, Outside Gym, Outside Awing Corner

Laurel Mountain - Outdoor Courtyard

Old Town - Outdoor Courtyard

Round Rock HS - Band Pad

Ridgeview - Garden Area, Front Deck

Stony Point - Band Pad (see below)

Spicewood -Playground

Transportation - EastBus Parking Lot

Transportation - WestBus Parking Lot

Voigt - Basketball Court

Westwood - Main Entrance, Hanging Off P050

Counselor Updates

A Message from Ms. Holmes:

Take care of yourselves! Here are some tips for building mental and emotional well-being during quarantine:

1. Start your day by stepping outside for some quiet, unplugged time. . .just you, the sunshine, and the birds. Take in your outdoor surroundings and be thankful for a beautiful spring season.

2. Exercise! Get your heartrate up at least once per day to build endorphins in your brain, so you feel more positively. Remember exercise is the number one treatment for anxiety and depression.

3. Build community, even from home. Use Discord or Google Meet to see and talk to your friends. Adolescents need their friends! If you're feeling down, it may be because you haven't seen or talked to your friends. Have regular times each week to meet online.

4. Make a schedule. Even if you don't stick to it perfectly, you will be more productive with a schedule. Include outside time, exercise, work time, screen time, meals, time with friends online. Limit your screen time and vary your activities so you don't get in a rut.

5. Find funny or inspiring things to read, watch, or listen to. The Office Ladies is a funny podcast you might enjoy about The Office, or find some comedians on Youtube or a podcast to keep you smiling and laughing.

6. Keep a gratitude journal to build your positivity and sense of well-being. An easy list of 3-5 things daily for which you are grateful will build your spirits and keep you moving forward.

7. Remember that you are loved, and that we are all rooting for YOU!

Here's a link to the Social & Emotional Learning page on the Counseling website. Remember the Personal Learning & Wellness Plan is a proven tool for success: https://sites.google.com/roundrockisd.org/echs-counseling/social-emotional-learning?authuser=0

Here's a link to the updated Area Counseling Resources page with additional information on handling COVID-19:


Remember that the district's contract with Bluebonnet Trails Behavioral Health is still in effect should you need an online appointment with a Licensed Professional Counselor. Contact Ms. Holmes or Ms. Travis for more information.

Note from Mrs. Hornecker

I hope you are doing well and finding ways to stay busy and healthy. I know this is not the way anyone wants to finish the school year, but remember, we will all come out of this stronger.

A couple of reminders:

SENIORS: Please complete the Senior Survey for the district and the AVID Senior data collection.

RRISD Senior Survey

AVID Senior Data Collection (Directions to complete)

JUNIORS: Please make sure you have completed your choices for Math and Spanish for next year.

Choice Form

ALL STUDENTS: If you need a transcript, you can request those online now. Please find the form here! Transcripts will still take up to 48 hours for processing and possibly a little longer if Mrs. Guerra has to drop them in the mail.

If you need anything, please feel free to reach out. I know this is a big planning time for your future, and we are still here to help with that. Let me know what you need!


Teacher Insights from our very best!

Teachers have committed to sharing Owl Insights for students during these stay at home times! Please check the great information they have to share!

Thank you, teachers, for staying connected with our students in non-academic ways! Your commitment to their social-emotional needs is much appreciated!

Classroom Brightspots

Journalism Students Report!!

Students in Journalism show off their creativity during school closures! Check out their latest news!

PTSA News- Please see the link below