Benvolio Montague

House of Montague

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About me

I am the cousin of Romeo Montague and I help him with a lot of his problems even though he doesn't want help, anyway, more about me: I am 18 years old, I am apart of the Montague household and even though I am a Montague, I quite like the Capulets, so I try to keep the peace between the two families, but one man can only do so much. My friend Mercutio is a fool, but I am the one who keeps him out of trouble when I can. One night we went to the Capulet's house for a party, Romeo only agreed to go because his love: Rosaline was going to be there, but afterwards when we were all drunk, he ran off, we went to look for him but he was gone, so that's me in about a paragraph.


  • Heading to the Capulet's party, Mercutio being himself as usual.
  • Mercutio is dead, Tybalt has killed him and Romeo has gone to avenge him. Have to go stop this, Hopefully I can stop Romeo from getting himself killed.
  • Romeo was nearly killed in the fight, but he killed Tybalt and gotten himself banished, I hope I can see him soon.



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Lord and Lady Montague