Conserving household water

Put a stop to the drop

Ecological footfrint

To reduce your ecological footprint you can take shorter showers and maybe less hot showers to save energy that's needed to heat it. You can run the dishwasher and laundry machine only when it's full, wash your car rarely and if it does need to be washed you can take it to a car wash because that uses less water and you can also fix faucets that are leaking and avoid leaving the faucet on the whole time while your brushing your teeth or washing your face. You can also try to avoid hosing things down in your yard or front yard for a long period of time because when it's rains even though it probably won't be as clean as you want it to be it still gets the job done without wasting water.

Benefits to the environment

Conserving water is beneficial to the environment because less water is pured down your drain or wasted. When water is wasted it has to be recycled and cleaned to be used by society. This process requires a lot of energy and electricity which usually comes from burning fossil fuels or another way that harms the environment which wouldn't happen if you just try to conserve your water even if you improve it by a little your still conserving and helping the enviornment a bit more.
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Harms to the enviornment if proper measures aren't taken

If you don't conserve water it can be very harmful to the environment like when you keep drinking out of water bottles overtime they will break down into smaller fragments over time and will absorb toxins that pollute our waterways, contaminate our soil, and sicken animals that we eat. Or like when we flush the toilets, how it goes pipes and some times ends up in to lakes or rivers that will then be polluted.