Midwest Region

Maria Lopez

This Regions states are Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota,North Dakota,and South Dakota.

Climate: the climate in the Midwest region has all seasons. The seasons are Summer,Autumn, Winter,and spring. What means you have 2 seasons to grow your crops because you start planting crops in spring and the crops start growing in summer. In summer its really hot getting into the 100 mark. In spring anything can happen like snow rain it could be hot or cold but in spring we usually get into the range of 80s and 70s.

Facts and Attractions: Did you know that some of the Midwest regions nicknames are "Heartland,"America's Breadbasket," And "Middle of America!" another cool fact is that roller skates where invented in the Midwest region! No matter where you are in Michigan you will always be 85 miles of away from one of the great lakes! Also Twinkies where invented in the Midwest region to. Another awesome fact is that the Midwest region produces more corn then any other region! Some of the attractions are in the Midwest region are the great lakes the great lakes names are Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, and Lake Ontario. Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, St. Louis Arch, and the Titanic monument in Branson, Missouri about half the size of the real Titanic if you search it up on the web it looks like that's the real size but really its half of the size showing you what happened during its destruction. Another great thing about the Midwest is the seasons. People are always saying, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a second it will change."

This region is better than the others because we have so many attractions and the Great Lakes are included to. We have beautiful weather every season you will fall right into paradise. Think of it having each year to have a different season and going on a pontoon every summer with your family and friends I call this true heaven! Also having your hair in the wing blowing every where and jumping into the lake or even tubing. In spring you could be dancing in the rain even in the winter time making snow man Autumn you could be jumping in the leaves or watch the leafs turn into beautiful colors! This is why this region is better than the others! Remember this region is paradise!

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