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GAGA for Google!

Things Google can do for you that you might not know!

Did you know..................that from

  • you can simply type in a FedEx or UPS tracking number (yes, just the number) and it will track your package for you
  • you can type in the word WEATHER and get the current weather conditions and the forecast
  • you can type in a math problem (ex: 2 + 2) and get the answer
  • you can search for just PDF'S on a specific topic (or PowerPoints, Images, etc)

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What is Symbaloo?

Symbaloo is an online bookmarking tool. Yes, you can save bookmarks in any web browser but I, personally, am a visual person. I love the look and ease of use that Symbaloo offers. I am a certified professional for Symbaloo. I also travel to conferences and represent them by doing sessions and sitting at their vendor table to promote their product. If you want to learn more - just ask. I have used Symbaloo for the past 8-9 years and love it more every day!
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