VALTS English

Class Poems and Lyrics


Isiah Church

I was a boy with a problem,

I remember when I met you in Autumn,

I heard that you truly didn’t care,

I saw you walk away from there,

I worried that I’d never see you again,

I thought I poured you down the drain,

But I want to change.

I am a crazy rapping white boy,

I think of the world like a big toy,

I need my music to be heard,

I try to forget you plus 3 words,

I feel like I repeat to lose myself,

I forgive you boo, I’ll put you on the shelf,

Now I can change.

I will be a musician at art,

I choose to do the right thing from the start,

I dream I will be on stage for the world,

I hope one day I can spin the Earth twirled,

I predict only great,

I know now, that I can carry my own weight.

I will change.