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"The Persistence of Memory"

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Salvador Dali

"The Persistence of Memory" is a painting by Salvador Dali in 1930s. This picture symbolizes the past memories of every person that looks at it. It fashions a beautiful thought of future occurrences making it an amazing painting. This is also the part of our newspaper where there are students memories of thier year.
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The Fiercest Tiger in the World

On Thursday June 4th the BRMS student council went on a field trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. In Great Adventure there are many fun rides that let every student to enjoy the trip and the student council forum during that morning. Though there are many good rides to go on in Six Flags the most excited and highest roller coaster called Kingda Ka. Unfortunately, the Kingda Ka only had ten rides on June 4th letting only a few amount people to enjoy the ride that day. Lucky for us, however, we are able to hear about the ride from one of our own student council members that went on the ride.

* this quote was recorded and copied under the consent of Rahul Ramanathan*

"As we got of the bus to the Great Adventure we all noticed the towering green ride. It was the ride all us were waiting to go on....Kingda Ka. Though we were magnetized towards the huge roller coaster we walked to the state forum in the Olympia Stadium. We heard many awards being called such as the most charitable school and the school with the most community service. Finally the BRMS students heard our school being called for pledging $1000 to the state student council. Finally we were allowed to rush to the park. Most of the student council members all went to Kingda Ka and unfortunately noticed that it was closed and would be open in two hours. During that time my friends and I went on some other rides like El Toro and Nitro, experiencing the thrill of roller coasters.

It was finally time to go back to check out Kingda Ka. IT WAS OPEN! We rushed in to the line and fortunately got seated on the second ride. We waited as we got bursted up into the sky and then we felt the drop.

We rushed down screaming our heads off. My cheeks we flattened by the speed of our car, and my whole face was numb. I watched as the person in front of me slowly held up her hands, and I did the same. Th excitement entered my body and let me experience the totality of the ride. Slowly we came to a stop, and got out of our cars.

For the rest of the days none of the rides were as fun and felt boring, but it felt good to overcome the highest roller coaster in the world."

As we have heard from Rahul Ramanathan the Kingda Ka was indeed the best ride ever. Now lets see who up for the challenge next year.


In the seventh grade there were many inside jokes between friends and peers, fashioning a fun and studious environment for everyone including the faculty to work in. It not only creates a happy environment, but helps to make stronger friendships throughout the year. To a lot of "Middle-Schoolers" This was the most exciting part of the year. I have examined many of these inside jokes however I found this story most interesting.

In the middle of seventh grade is when each student finds their cliques. One of the bigger friend circles was the 7B "E" class. In this team there were many people, with diversity from Hillside school to Eisenhower school and kids from different school districts as well.

In the seven B team a student named Rahul suddenly he did something out of the blue. Right when the teacher made joke he slapped his knee and said "KNEE-SLAPPER". This was something new to the whole class. They did not know what a knee-slapper was. So once Rahul explained the idea behind "Knee-slapper", everyone duplicated his act when they heard a joke. This eventually became an instinct to everyone.

Though this is such an ordinary memory, what makes this joke do special is that it it has not completely dissipated. Once in a while a kid will "Knee-slap" in team eight E if the joke is really funny.

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"The School of Athens"

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Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino(Raphael)

"The School of Athens" was a painting by Renaissance artist Raphael. Raphael, created this painting in the Vatican. This painting depicts the many thinkers, artists, and mathematicians showing how people constantly learning like eighth graders.Eighth graders, keep learning new things everyday, and having fun experiences. This is the part of our newspaper in which students write about their academical topics/recollections of this year., News 12 New Jersey, and New York Times

In Ms. Knapp's social studies class, there were many projects that we had to do, however the more often project/homework was the current events. Ms. Knapp told them this since the beginning of the year setting a precedent for everyone. Many thought it to be boring, however in some special ways current events helped us throughout our school year.

Ms. Knapp's classes had around 5 current events this year ranging from many different topics, like human environment interactions to free choice. Current events overall were brief explanations of recent news. Also on the side the students write a write-up about the article. This helps the teacher to understand that the student knows about their article and subject. Ms. Knapp creates a wonderful environment to publicly speak in front of 2o or more students.

In the beginning of the school, when the students heard about current events they were not excited. Over the year as the currents events continued the students understood the importance of the current events. From the mouth of Rahul Ramanathan, "Current events helped me a lot. Not only did my public speaking get better, but also I learnt about news making it easy for me to make conversations with new people."

Due to Ms. Knapp's, the students in Team 8E have infinitely improved their overall knowledge. They all thank her and are so happy that they forced them to do current events. It created an amazing space for people to be educated in a new way.

Portable School Bell

This new watch is a portable school bell right on your wrist. It is a excellent balance to help one student during their school day. All one does is input the time of each period in the watch. Then you set a 3, 5, or 7 minute alarm before each bell rings, to alert the student to pack up. The watch will help you keep time as well.It comes in analog or digital form in a variety of colors including blue, green, brown, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, or black. The wrist band also comes in a leather or rubber band. All this creates the best compatible watch and bell.

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"The Last Judgement"

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Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

"The Last Judgement" was painted by Michelangelo, during the Renaissance. This painting represents how every thing in the world should be edited, and evaluated. From to school quirks to political issues should all be looked over and fixed if possible. This is also the part in which people can write letters/essays to the school to fix/change their curriculum/school

P.A.R.C.C.(Problematic, Annoying, Regretful, Cursed Chore.)

This year in the Bridgewater-Raritan School District there was a new standardized test distributed through grades 3-11. This exam was meant to examine the school, and if the students are educated in the district. It should help the students learn new ideas and read many different genres.However, this test tired out the students and made them uncomfortable to do anything for the rest of the day. The majority of the students of Bridgewater-Raritan School District believes that the P.A.R.C.C. needs to be excluded from the curriculum.

Firstly, the PARCC test is on the computer. Though indeed we are in the "Technology Age", this creates an uncomfortable setting for some students who are not good at typing. During the field tests people did not like the laptops, and some according to Rahul Ramanathan an eighth grader wrote strong recommendation letters to the foundation however did not change the format. To fix this problem the PARCC foundation can make a written copy of the exam to solve some students. Another solution to this problem is to bring back the NJASK. Rahul Ramanathan stated after taking the test that, "The NJASk not only created a better environment for students to take exams in, but was easier to write essay, fill in multiple choice...." This shows how strongly students dislike this new examination. Also people disliked it since the test made the students learn about certain things outside of our normal school curriculum. In the geometry curriculum the students last year and the years before did not have to learn trigonometry. On the contrary the students in the geometry classes of the 2014 -2015 curriculum had to learn this new lesson that is normally taught at the high-school pre-calculus level.

These reasons as well as many more from parents of students in the state of Ohio, show how bad the PARCC test is. It should be abolished and taken out of the curriculum. It will make most students and their parents happy, not only creating a studious school, but a happy social, emotional, and physical life for every student.

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Artist of the Week

"Zero Hour"

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Hank Willis Thomas

We have chosen this painting "Zero Hour" by Hank Willis Thomas to be our Artist of the Week, since Thomas is growing in the artist world, and shows a lot of creativity in his works. The term zero hour is normally used during the time right before a war. This painting exactly shows this "zero hour". Thomas is depicting two sides of a war with the calmness and serenity but still watching apprehensively for the first move.

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