apple watch

by: amya johnson

~ who invented the apple watch~

the person who invented the apple watch is Jonathan Ive

what is Jonathan Ive famous for??

Jonathan Ive is famous for many things like the macbook pro, imac, macbook air, mac mini, ipod, ipod touch, iphone, ipad, ipad mini, apple watch, IOS. Jony ive is a very successful man, he earns 100,000 a year.

field of study

Jonathan ive's field of study is art, He got his first bachelors in 1989 for art, and in the 90s he went off to work for apple

what does the apple watch do ??

the apple watch lets you call people on it and you can receive text messages and you can ask Siri questions

what country was the apple watch it invented in ??

the apple watch was invented in Cupertino California

questions ??

what does this tool do~ the apple watch helps people answer calls or it send you friendly reminders to do things and it can do much more

who invented it~ Jonathan ive

how does it impact our lives today~ the apple watch allows you to pay faster and its secure if you pay that way it can send messages to people so you don't have to get you phone up and get your phone every time it rings

what is an disadvantage of using this tool~ it can sometimes be very slow or sometimes the apps don't work

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