Franklin House

Week of December 9th

English Language Arts

Miss Warnke: In Achieve3000 this week we will focus on identifying the main idea of an article. We will also focus on finding theme in fictional writing. Students should continue reading at home each night.

Mrs. Allen: This week we are working on Theme. We will be reading an excerpt from Brian's Winter with the focus of finding the Theme. Students will also be working on Teenbiz for informational texts. I will be meeting with all guided reading groups this week. Our focus is also Theme/Main Idea. Students will be required to spend 20min on Moby Max Language by Friday.

Ms. Naze: This week we are wrapping up our book clubs. We will be identifying Theme in different genres. Students have worked hard and are challenging each other in TeenBiz.


Math 4: This week we will be using algebraic equations with the formula for volume to find unknown dimensions. We should finish unit 6 this week; our test is scheduled for Friday.

Math 7, 8: This week in math we will be reviewing all operations using decimals. We will then start working with fractions by comparing, finding equivalent fractions and then adding and subtracting fractions.


This week we are having our big Chapter 2 Test!!! Students have their study guide on their iPad and will be working on that today. The Chapter 2 test will be on Wednesday with a review day tomorrow. We will start Chapter 3 on Thursday.

Social Studies

We are identifying civil rights that were a addressed during The Progressive Era. Students will be reviewing at the end of the week the defining elements of the time.

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