Eight Keys

By: Suzanne LaFleur (Anna Brokaw)


Eight keys is about three friends named Elise, Franklin, and Caroline. Franklin and Caroline are Elise's best friends, and they help her along the way of finding the eight keys and unlocking the doors.Elise finds the first key in Uncle Hugh's barn, but the rest show up in her room one at a time. Each key unlocks a door in Uncle Hugh's secret upstairs to his barn. There are eight doors, and each key unlocks a door that is about her unknown past, because her mom died when she was born and her dad died shortly after from sickness. Elise lives with her Uncle Hugh and her Aunt Bessie. Elsie has always been curious about her past.
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Two Story Barn

This barn reminds me of Uncle Hugh's barn in the book Eight Keys where all the doors were upstairs. Only Elise's dad knew what was in the 8 doors because he put everything inside them. Elise doesn't know she can unlock the doors until one day when she and Franklin were building with scrap pieces in the barn, and she sees the first key upstairs, because when she was little everyone told her that the 8 doors were off limits.


This key reminds me of the eight keys used to unlock the eight doors. Behind one of the doors are a lot of her mom's old things, like her old teddy bear and a few books. Behind another door there is a library full of children's books and a desk.


This door reminds me of the eight doors that Elise unlocks that reveal her past. In another door there is a room full of questions so Elise and Caroline write more questions and put them on the wall.

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Bed Room

This bed reminds me of when the keys would show up in Elise's room, to unlock the next door. Elise never found out where the keys came from or who put them in her room, but they showed up at night when she was asleep, and they would not show up in the same place.