Mens Promise Rings Guru

Different types of promise rings for men

Promise rings are rings generally given by men to women to keep certain promises or they are exchanged between lovers as a symbol of love and commitment to each other. The history of promise ring dates back to the 15th century in England. Since then their use and purpose have evolved with time and preferences.

Both men and women have the equal right to give or gift a promise ring as these are not gender oriented. Not much of a difference can be found between men’s and women’s ring but there are certain types of men’s promise rings that stand out.

First is the friendship ring which are exchanged between friends and do not have any romantic feel to them. Size and appearance are the two aspects of friendship rings for men. Men’s rings are generally bigger and tougher than a women’s ring. They should be made of durable metal like titanium as these are generally meant for daily use. Friendship ring can be worn on any finger unlike engagement ring.

The next is the men’s pre-engagement ring which can be given by a girlfriend to her boyfriend. Many couples consider pre engagement rings as they are given for two reasons. First is if the couple is in a serious relationship and the other can be when an engagement is soon to follow but do not want to get engaged at the moment. These can be made of gold or silver and can be worn on any finger of the right hand. People usually wear it on the middle finger of the right hand to differentiate it from engagement rings.

Next, is the purity rings which are also called chastity rings. It is given mostly by parents to children for a promise to abstain from sex till marriage. The ring is replaced by a wedding band on the wedding day. Last is the engagement ring which is a declaration that the couple is about to get married and it is worn on the ring finger of the left hand.