Anoka Blended 6 ~ May Agenda

The start of Semester 3!!!


Munch & Mingle with your TECH TRIO please.

Use this time to complete the How Am I Doing and check in about how blogging is going. Update your blogging calendar as needed.

Opening~ Four Quadrant Profile

Spring Conference Final Debrief

  • Learners discuss matrix
  • Partners meet and complete reflection questions
  • Group of four creates a recipe card for ROL/AR writings and conference presentations
  • Share with large group

Mini Action Research Coaching ~ Round 1

Cognitive Coaching Review Slides

Full Backward Design Unit ~ Self Assessment Checklist and Facilitator Feedback

Celebrations ~ Job Groups ~ Summer Calendar Check

Mini Action Research Coaching Round 2

Big picture

Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership

Ish by Peter H Reynolds

Mini-Action Research Coaching ~ ROUND 3

Big picture

What does my IDEAL classroom need?

BWD Feedback

Check out our feedback HERE!

Closing & Clean Up