The Hydrosphere

The hydrosphere is the total amount of water on the planet. The amount of water in within the global water supply is 1385000000km3 and, whilst less than 3% of this is fresh water, this is still far greater than current population requirements. Water also exists in various forms, ranging from dew to ice.

The Water Cycle

Water moves through the earth in the water cycle. The water cycle is a closed system as no water is lost or gained on earth. Essentially, the amount of water we have now is the same as on early earth.
The Water Cycle

Human Impacts

Ways in which human activities affect rivers include:

Changes to Seasonal Flaws

River Erosion

Reduced River Flow

Temperature Change

Disruptions to migratory patterns


River Improvements



Water Management

The management of water resources is necessary because there is an uneven distribution of freshwater both globally and regionally. Water management entails the collection, storage, allocation and distribution of water to meet domestic, agricultural and industrial needs. The rising demand for water and the aspirations of countries to higher levels of economic development pose new challenges for water management.