VCR 10 Presentation

Deiva Motley/ Block 4B/ April 1, 2014

London Tipton always ____________ Bailey for the clothes that she wore because she thought that each clothing was hideous.


tr.v. To punish; to criticize severely; to chastise.

CASTUS <L. "pure," "spotless"

CASTIGO, CASTIGARE, CASTIGAVI, CASTIGATUM <L. "to punish," "to correct," "to restrain"

SYNONYMS: Berate, Criticize, Scold, Punish, Chastise, Censure, Lash, Penalize

ANTONYMS: Approve, Compliment, Praise, Reward, Forgive, Flatter

Choose the sentence that uses the word incorrectly.

A.) Jacob was castigated by his mother because he did not follow her directions for taking out the trash. Now they will have to wait another week for the trash to be picked up.

B.) After finding several hot sauce stains on a few pieces of clothing, Sarah knew who did it and castigated her sister for wearing her clothes while she was away.

C.) Because Matthew received an A+ on his math test, his parents castigated him by taking him to his favorite restaurant for dinner.

D.) For cheating on the test, Jessica was castigated by the principal and given in-school suspension.