Early Release PD Day - 9-17-14

Evaluation Updates & STAR Assessments


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The swcrk wiki page (accessible from SC website, staff links, drop down menu) contains all documents related to our evaluation process.


For the 2014-15 school year, we are using the following SMART goal for all teachers in grades 1-5, specials teachers, and special education teachers. Kindergarten will have a similar goal based on STAR early literacy (STAR MATH is not intended for use with kindergarten students). The goal will be adjusted for each teacher based on your students (e.g. all first grade students in my classroom, all special education students on my caseload, all students in grades 1-5 that I work with in art class).

__________________students will demonstrate a student growth percentile (SGP) of 35 or higher based on the fall-spring STAR math scores.

The first STAR math test taken during the fall window and the last STAR math test taken during the spring window are the two tests used to calculate SGP. If a student arrives after the fall window has ended or leaves before the spring window begins, they will not be included. Also, for less than 1% of students nationally that have either an extremely low or extremely high pretest score, there will not be a SGP calculated.

Kindergarten teachers will use the STAR early literacy test as follows:

Kindergarten students will demonstrate a student growth percentile (SGP) of 35 or higher based on the fall-spring STAR early literacy scores.

The SGP measure allows us to know if a student is progressing as expected. For example, a student may be performing at a low level, yet experiencing high levels of growth. Conversely, a high-performing student could be stagnating. SGP is truly a measure of student growth as compared to millions of peers from across the country, giving an accurate and fair representation of just how well a student is growing.

35-65 student growth percentile is considered by most states to be benchmark for typical growth. We are setting our goal at the lower end of that range for the 2014-15 school year since we are new to the concept of using student growth percentile and we want our SMART goal to be ATTAINABLE.

As in the past, your goal is that ALL students achieve this level of growth (35th SGP or higher). Then the rating for the student growth is based on the rubric:

90% or more of students attaining the goal - highly effective

75-89% of students - effective

51-74% of students - minimally effective

50% or less of students - ineffective.

The growth report and growth proficiency chart

This links to a brief video overview.

Student Growth Percentiles - Learn More

This document explains all about student growth percentile calculations within the STAR assessments.


Press here to link to STAR Pretest Instructions

These pretest instructions are for the adult giving the test, and include directions and visuals to be used with the students. It is important for the fidelity of the data that the test is always given in the same way, using these directions.