In-home child care

Ashley Bramhall-1S

What is it?

In-home child care takes place in the child own home. This type of child care can be provided by parents, relatives, or nonrelatives. In some families, one parent stays at home to care for the children.

Olden times

Au pairs provide child care for a host family as part of a cultural exchange program. This might last from six months, to a year. They also do light housekeepings. Most of them are young, single women without children. Then there are nannies, which are professionals who contract with a family to provide in-home child care. They typically care for children from birth to age 10 or 12.


-The children receive all the caregiver attention-Chances of health and safety problems are small -Child can be cared for when they are ill -Children are not taken outdoors in inclement weather or during early or late weathers -Children stay in the home atmosphere


-Quality care can possibly be a problem due to the caregiver's limited education -Parents must make alternative plans if the caregiver cannot work -Parents must pay Social Security employer taxes -Education activities are rarely offered unless the caregiver is well trained and does not have a major housekeeping duties.

Local Programs

Home and Group Home Daycare in Wamego, KS