The Griffin

By: Grace Kuhn, Mrs. Bennett Homeroom

Griffin's Ecosystem

The Griffin's ecosystem is a very large Kingdom in the skies, with waterfalls coming from the sky and from the ground on the Sky Kingdom. The Sky Kingdom is home to over 100 species of Griffins! Every Griffin in the Sky Kingdom has its own talent, and skills

About Grffins

Griffins are very protective of the Sky Kingdom and the King, the Golden Griffin. If anoth flying creature dares to come to the Sky Kingdom they will have to face the most strongest, most powerful, most deadliest, and most smartest Griffins of all, the Darkness and the Night griffins. If two Griffins that are the same species and are fighting over food, they will agree to split it in half, but if there are too Griffins that are different species and also fighting over food, they will battle to the death in till one Griffin is down. Griffins are very very brave to go after anything in its path, so don't even in counter a mean Griffin or your dead. Taming a Griffin is hard work, so i advise don't try it, or you'll lose something.

Different Types Of Griffins

More About Griffins

How To Train A Griffin

Griffins can be loving sometimes, only if you can earn its trust. Griffins are very tricky to tame, even the weakest ones. You can only try to be friends with them when there not flying, battling, eating, nor training. If you do get the chance to tame one, make sure its not a Flame, Fire, Blaze, Sun, Lava, Hot, Ice, Snowy, Darkness, Night Griffins, those Griffins will kill you right away! Make sure you know what your doing or else your dead.


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