Why Should You Breastfeed?

Reasons why to do it and what to do if you cant

What is BreastFeeding?

Breastfeeding is when you choose to feed your baby with the milk your body naturally produces. The hormones in your body is what leads to the production of the milk and the continual stimulation of the baby sucking.
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Benefits to Breastfeeding

Many mothers believe that the benefits of breastfeeding are single-sided, well as a mom you'll also get benefits. Moms who breastfeed or nurse experience a deep emotional bond that gives them great satisfaction, also when moms breast feed a hormone called oxytocin is released and that encourages bonding and love. Women also have a lowered risk or some cancers later in life.

A babies benefits include being generally healthier, because when the baby feeds spit is left and the moms body can sense if anything is there that can get the baby sick. Moms body infuses her milk with tailor-made antibodies specifically for the baby.