Evan's Financial Guidance

Evan Matejka

Six Business Activities

Generating Ideas: Our service is that we want to try and help out any new businesses that need help with their financing. We developed this idea when a friend of mine was having trouble doing their tax returns on their business that they had started with their brother. We decided to choose this place to open up because of the lack of financial advisers in the area.

Raising Capital: We got the financing for this project by taking a loan out from the bank, and some money that was invested in us by some of our close family and friends.

Employee Training: We hire people based on a long process where they submit one of our application forms and then their records are checked for any infractions with the law, what kind of schooling they have had, and any past experience that they might have had. We put all of our newest employees through a short 2 month training course on financial advising.

Buying Supplies: We buy the majority of our supplies local, as they are easy to find in local stores, but some items must be purchased and shipped from elsewhere because they are not available in the area.

Marketing Goods & Services: We will most likely start out by put a few adds in the local newspaper and radio stations. We hope that some day we will be big enough of a company that we will be able to advertise on television, and in nation wide magazines.

Maintaining Business Records: We will track all of our payments, customer information, government tax records on our state of the art computer stems and have backup paper copies just in case something happens to the computers.

Business ownership

This company is a sole proprietorship.

I have decided to make this company a sole proprietorship because I feel that, even though I have many trust worthy employees, only I can choose what is best for the company, and this is probably the best option for a company that is currently as small as ours is. I might think about changing this later on.


1. We hope to make a revenue $5000.

2. We hope to expand our offices so we can offer more jobs.

3. We hope to pay off our bank debts.

4. We want to provide quality financial guidance to businesses that need it.

5. Build a strong presence in the surrounding area.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you get your business set on the right track to financial success. We hope to make it so that you can keep your business above the water and avoid large debts by helping you properly finance any and all projects or expenditures that you might want to do.