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Eastern Hemisphere

The Economies of East Asia

  • China
  • North Korea
  • South Korea
  • Japan

China's Economy

Although it has begun to change, China's government controls most of its economy. It owns all financial institutions, such as banks, and the larger industrial firms. The government also sets the prices on goods and plans the quantity of goods each worker should produce. China has put a strong emphasis on industry and has become the worlds largest producers of cotton cloth and of the two metals tungsten and antimony. Another large industry in China is farming. China is the worlds largest producer of rice.

North Korea's Economy

Like China, North Korea's government controls the economy. Also like China, North Korea emphasizes in industry and farming. North Korean farmers work differently then China. IN North Korea farmers work on large cooperatives of over 300 families that share the farming work.

South Korea's Economy

Since the 1960s, South Korea's economy has changed drastically. It used to be all small subsistence farmers. Since then the government has supported in the expansion of the textile industry and building of factories. Today, South Korea has one of the strongest economies in the world.

Japan's Economy

Japan's government does not control its economy like China and North Korea, but it does oversee it. Like South Korea, Japan has grown drastically in the mid-twentieth century and rely heavily on there skilled, well educated workers.
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