Advanced Photography Portfolio

Lillie Tolfree

Authors Note

My name is Lillie Tolfree. I often can be found taking pictures of nature, random objects, my pets, and other peoples pets. I really enjoy going on long car rides and taking pictures of anything that catches my attention. My dream is to be a studio photographer and do traveling nature photography on the side.

Favorite Picture

I took this picture after Thanksgiving. I like to replace my moms Thanksgiving decorative figures with Star Wars figures. My favorite part of this photograph is the natural sunlight bouncing off of the table and the figures bald head.

Nature Pictures

Sky Pictures

Late Night Sky

The sun was disappearing when I took this picture. The rain was on its way.

Late Night Storm

The night ended with a storm.

Clover Pictures

Big image


I love this picture because it was the first time Clover and my brothers dog Bella met. You can see the anxiety in Clovers face, while Bella is used to meeting new dogs so she is relaxed. My favorite part is that they are making eye contact as if speaking telepathically.

Ginger and Winston

Creepy Pictures

Captain Phasma Ornament

The first ornament on the tree this year was Star Wars character Captain Phasma. Her silver armor and funky shape really popped out against the warm colors of the Christmas lights.

Final Picture

For my final picture I chose my second favorite picture. I love this picture of Clover because the lighting makes the texture and color of her fur pop out against her eye.
Big image

Final Note

My favorite part of photography class this year was the critique process. I enjoyed hearing what others had to say and suggest about my photographs. Even though class is ending, I will continue photographing because it is my passion. I hope I can get far in life by telling stories through my photographs.