For Sale- A Dynamic Way to Teach

Asking Price- Time and Effort

The Fundamental Five

Would you like to have a Dynamic Classroom? Students that are engaged, work collaboratively, and thinking out side the box. Discipline is a thing of the past, however success is a daily celebration.

How how does this work?

Students will revel in the frequent, small group purposeful peer talks motivating them

to stay engaged, effectively involving all students in the learning process while at the

same time "re-charging" their attention spans and sparking creative

"outside the box thinking."

Discipline issues become a thing of the past when the teacher learns how to

use the simple but very effective "Power Zone Technique."

Finally, in the most powerful indicator of genuine learning, students

demonstrate higher order thinking skills with short, valid critical writing

activities as closing tasks.

How do you want your room to look?

This Style Of Learning Is Guaranteed To Be Awsome!