Australia International Trade

By: Damian and Jo

Type of Government

The Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, also referred to as the Australian Government, the Commonwealth Government or the Federal Government, is the federal democratic administrative authority of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia, a federal constitutional monarchy under a parliamentary democracy, was formed in 1901 as a result of an agreement among six self-governing British colonies, which became the six states.

Population of Australia

The population of Australia is estimated to be 24,085,700 as of 16 May 2016. Australia is the 52nd most populous country in the world. Its population is concentrated mainly in urban areas and is expected to exceed 28 million by 2030
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Major Australian Exports

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Australia was found on January 26, 1788. It is run by a federal government and has a population of 24,085,700. Their major exports are typically minerals while their imports are typically machinery.