206's First Grade News

Week of October 10, 2017- October 13, 2017

Scratch Jr.

This week we were able to work with the app Scratch Jr. Ms .Dubes introduced this to us last week in the Invention Studio. On Wednesday, she pushed into our classroom so we could continue working on coding our Personal Narrative stories that we worked on last month. Next week we will get to go to the Invention Studio TWICE to finish our stories! They are having so much fun! Ask your child how he/she uses the app!

We love learning how to Identify our Feelings with Ms. Larrea!

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"Be silly. Be Honest. Be kind."


  • If you have not written me an email or letter about your child, IN A MILLION WORDS OR LESS, please do so when you get a chance!
  • Scholastic Code: QLGKF
  • Homework should be turned in on FRIDAYS
  • Monthly Choice Boards will be collected at the end of each month. Students should complete at least FOUR activities
  • Incomplete work will be sent home in your child's folder if you child was absent, had an early dismisal, or did not complete it for some reason. It does not have to come back to school, but should be completed at home for extra practice.
  • Birthdays are celebrated from 2:45-2:55. We will not have whole class treats, but you may come in and read a book!
  • Please send your child with an APPROVED snack EVERYDAY
  • Remember to send your child with his/her PINK take-home folder EVERYDAY
  • Also, please empty out the LEAVE AT HOME side each night
  • At dismissal, please come to the FENCED SIDE of the Sport Court so we can keep track of all the students
  • At dismissal, 1st grade dismisses 5 minutes earlier than the older grades. If you have an older child, please come get your first grader first
  • Don't forget to send your children in their PE uniforms with CLOSED-TOED gym shoes on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS
  • We dismiss M,T,Th,F at 2:55 and W at 1:40

Important Dates:

  • October 17th - Hot Diggity Dog Lunch
  • October 20th - Session 1 After School Classes Ends
  • October 21st - Reid's Birthday!
  • October 23rd - October 27th - Red Ribbon Week

-Tuesday: Wear a red accessory

-Wednesday: Out of Uniform Day (wear athletic clothing)

-Thursday: Red top and uniform bottoms

  • October 27th - Pizza Lunch!
  • October 30th - Session 2 After School Classes Begin
  • October 31st - Halloween, Class Party! (More info to come!), and Scholastic Orders Due!
  • November 1st- Winter Uniforms Begin

New This Week: Check it out!

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Celebrating Columbus Day!

Next Week in 206...

We had a great short week! In writing we began Small Moments. Small Moments are interesting and detailed stories about ourselves. We will continue working on these next week in addition to coding our Personal Narratives on Scratch Jr. In reading we will continue learning how to Activate Prior Knowledge and use our connection knowledge from this past month to connect to things that happened to us in the past. In math we finished Topic 2 and will begin Topic 3 - Addition Facts to 20 next week. In handwriting we will continue working on lowercase letters. Even when your children are working on homework, encourage good writing posture and grip. Ask them how we learned to hold our pencils! In grammar we will continue our Punctuation Unit. This week we learned when and how to use exclamation points. Next week we will continue this and review periods and question marks. In science students will present their Biomimicry Projects! Looking forward to another great week and seeing your child's project!

Article of the Week: Mental Math Strategies

Teacher Bio

Hi I'm Ms. Marsh! I went to Indiana University and graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education with a Concentration in Reading. Last summer I attended the Responsive Classroom week-long training as well as Reader's and Writer's Workshop trainings. This is my second year teaching at AACA. I feel so grateful to be a part of such a prestigious, collaborative, and strong community. Before this, I worked in a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd multi-grade Montessori classroom for three years. When I'm not teaching I like to spend my time baking, cooking, reading, traveling, crafting, and watching movies. I am eager to learn, connect, and grow with you and your child this school year!