Past Suspicion

By: Therese Heckenkamp


Robin is seventeen years old, when her mother dies. Robin is forced to move in with her uncle. So she takes the trip from California to Wisconsin. To add ever since the death of her mother Robin has closed everyone out. Just trying to go through life without feeling anything, or being with anyone. But as weeks continue on she meets Philip and Justin. Philip is in his early twenties, and his job is a mystery. Meet Justin a young journalist, just trying to get a good news story. As Robins journey continues on, she let's both guys into her life. Sharing memory's and pictures of her past. But one night as she's looking looking through her mothers childhood bedroom. She came along journals, these journals held a mystery over twenty years in the making. As Robin learns the truth she seeks heartbreak, revenge and trust.
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"Home is a place you live, a place you love:/ Well I've found that place." - Robin


This book would be recommend for someone who likes mystery. A person that wants to be at the edge of there seat, seeking a thriller. This book may get well boring at parts, so you have to stick with it and look for important details. The author gives you hints and other information to look for in the text. The best part is it almost seems as if your in the book playing the main character.