Coming Back Strong -Lexi Youngberg

By: Aily Chapoy

People are quick to give up. Everyone should keep trying and live by the motto "If at first you don't succeed try, try again."
Lexi Youngberg was a teenager when her accident occured. She loved to run track, and play soccer. Lexi was the most valueable player on her soccer team.

How did she lose her leg?

"Lexi Youngberg lost her leg in an boat accident with her two best friends." Once you lose your limb you will never be the same again. All she can remember is waking up at the hospital and nothing about the accident . After the accident it was hard for her body to heal or get stronger "she now take medication to help with blisters, phantom pain , nerve pain, and pain that just plain hurts."
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What did she do to get stronger?

Lexi Youngberg would not give up on herself." "Lexi accepted her new reality and tried to excel in it, she figured God don't make mistakes and he wasn't about to start with her.""Lexi didn't want any crutches she rotated between, customized athletic walk board , swimming leg, and soon will add a fifth prosthetic for running."


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