Leading The Way To Perserverance

By: Alexis Muoghalu

What is perseverance?

Perseverance is determination to do something even though there might be difficulty or discouragement along the way.

Carrying On Through Adversities

Dartanyon and Leroy are alike in some ways but different in others. Both are inseparable literally and not just because they are best friends. They both were wrestlers and wrestled at Cleveland High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Always cheering each other on at the edge of the mat, both faced challenges each day. Dartanyon was diagnosed with Leber optic atrophy, a condition marked as being legally blind when he was young. Because of being extremely near sighted, he could barely make out features sitting just a few feet away, but that did not stop him from carrying Leroy. But Leroy definitely knows about facing adversities. When he was just eleven years old, he was hit by a train and had both his legs amputated, one above the knee and one below. He worked hours on end in physical therapy to learn how to maneuver more smoothly around places without a wheelchair. But the difference between the two is their home lives. Dartanyon was homeless and had moved five times in 3 years. His mother passed away of aneurysm when he was just 8 years old and he was struggling to stay on his feet. But he didn’t let that get in the way of helping Leroy by carrying him on his back. In and out of gyms, wrestling matches, and on and off of busses, Dartanyon carried Leroy. It didn’t matter the looks that they received because helping out a friend was more important. When Dartanyon wasn’t carrying Leroy, Leroy was trying to maneuver his wheelchair around his house. Just getting into his house was an obstacle because his family didn’t have enough money to pay for ramps. Luckily, those hours spent in physical therapy paid off. For most of Leroy’s childhood, his father served time in prison and his mother slipped into drugs after blaming herself for the train incident. So, it was just him left to take care of his sister. The significant similarity between the two is they never ever lost hope.

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Dribbling Through The Adversities Description

For the Lady Jags, losing was actually a good thing. The Lady Jags attended Carroll

Academy Correctional Facility in Tennessee as an alternative to going to juvie. They could go back to their high school after they served their time at Carroll. Adversities is one way to put what these girls went through. The girls were given up on, abusing drugs, and not having a true caring family.Some of these kids would come home to their parents abusing drugs as well. Most could not handle and ended up running away from home and getting into some trouble themselves. To make matters worse, 19.6% were living under the poverty line. At Carroll, playing basketball was an escape plan for the ladies. But while they were on the court, they learned life lessons and discipline. Although the Lady Jags had 208 straight losses, in the end, it was all worth it for them. So even though they didn't win, doesn't mean they can't triumph their loss. Overall, these ladies losing over and over again has helped more than if they had won.

The Lady Jags

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Rising To The Top

Winston Churchill was born on November 30, 1964 in his grandfather's home. He was captured in South Africa and became a Prisoner of War (POW) in 1899. Later that same year, he escaped prison safely and became a famous author, a war hero and ran for member of parliament and won a spot. (MP) Churchill was then kicked out of politics in 1914 and became Minister of Munitions. He was made Secretary Of State for the colonies in 1921. Just one year later, he lost his MP seat but won it back in 1924. After spending 10 years out of government, he saved Britain and Europe from Nazi Germany and became Prime Minister all in 1940. He was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1953 and became an honorary US citizen just ten years later. Because of old age and poor health, Churchill passed away on January 24, 1965 after falling into a coma.

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Rolling Dough

When you think of pizza you might think of Dominoes. And when you think of Dominoes, you probably don’t think of all of the problems that came along to make it happen. But Tom never let those problems stop him. It was 1960 and Tom Monaghan was a college at Eastern Michigan University. Tom and his brother, Jim borrowed $900 and opened a pizza parlor near the campus. While classes were going on, the pizza shop did just fine but as summer neared, things started to go downhill. Business dropped an astounding 75 percent and through the summer he pretty much lived at his shop. He did everything by himself; making sauce and fresh dough daily, preparing vegetable and meat toppings, and dicing cheese for hours on end. When business started to crumble, Jim sold his half of the business for a 1959 Volkswagen Beetle they had used as a delivery car. He also dropped out of school and offered a job to a man who had run his own pizzeria in the past with a buy-in of $500. A devastating fire wiped out his anchor store, and insurance only covered $13,000 of the $150,000 in damage. On May 1, 1970 Tom lost control of his company and so the new management closed down. They had unprofitable pizzas and cut back on staff. He even slept in his car to keep expenses down! His employees were not getting the right pay so when he received legal noticed he was so overwhelmed weeped. So, he kept his head up and did what he did best, make pizzas. But throughout the years, he was slowly able to build his business back. He also fought off a lawsuit placed against him and stood strong and stayed persistent all along. But perseverance is what really helped make Dominoes.

Tom Monaghan - Founder of Dominoes

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Eric LeGrand is an extraordinary football player. All along he believed that he would be able to make it to the top and he did. But it wasn't his football skills that got him there. It was the middle of the game and Eric LeGrand was getting ready to do a kick-off. He ran down the field and tackled a player. But, little did he know that that tackle would change his life forever. He got hit in in spinal cord and he was paralyzed from the neck down. He became a quadriplegic and have his C3 and C4 vertebrae fractured during a kickoff return. But through his injury, he was able to inspire others. Telling everyone to believe in themselves. "bELieve" even came a national saying with the "e" and the "l" capitalized for his initials. But even though he got paralyzed through football, he still loved the sport more than anything. But he was able to stay persistent and made it to the top, just like he has always dreamed of.

Eric LeGrand

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What can we learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome in our own adversity in today's world?

We can learn that it's okay if we fail at first, but what is really important is that we continue trying. Getting back up from failing is the first step to reaching success. And with that comes putting in the best effort possible because with a little effort and a little perseverance we can reach our targets.