Meredith E.

Carrer Development period 6

Right Brained

although I use both my left and my right brain depending on the thought process necessary, I'm most comfortable while using the right side of my brain. that means i am creative, I like reading, color, and music. I agree with this because I do like these things.

My personality type

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ESFP is my personality type

E- extroversion: people who prefer extroversion tend to think of the outer world of people and things

S- sensing: people who prefer sensing tend to focus on the present and the concrete information gained from their senses.

F- feeling: people who prefer felling tend to base their desisions primarily on values and on subjective evaluation of a person.

P- perception: people who prefer perception flexible and spontaneous approach to life and things settled.

My color type is GOLD.

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The other types:

After gold, my personality colors go in blue, which means I'm honest, real, helpful, creative, purposeful, committed, peaceful, and loving. Then I'm a orange risk-taking, exiting, entertaining, witty, and funny. Then, green, which means deep thinking, analytical, curious, and looking for answers.
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motivation/ stress level/ team style

From the evaluate my self-esteem work sheet I got a 50/60 so that means I have a well-balanced realistic sense of self-esteem.

my stress level is 63

my motivation level is 82

The things that stress me out are:

  • when people correct me

  • when people act like they're better than everyone else

  • testing

  • talking in front of a class

How I like to work in a team. I work as the leader and help give Ideas and keep people on track.

I am an ambivert.

this means I'm in between a extrovert and a introvert.
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Kuder navigator results

my top five job areas for me are:

  1. marketing communication
  2. preforming arts
  3. travel and tourism
  4. family and consumer services
  5. administrative support
My top five skills are:

  1. early childhood
  2. preforming arts
  3. marketing communications
  4. professional support
  5. journalism and broadcasting
My work values are Income and Prestigious

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my top three career choices:

  1. Teaching in the peace corps
  2. school occupational therapist
  3. principal of an elementary

My top three college choices

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High School plans

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Personal picture

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'Bringing happiness to others is the best way to bring happiness to yourself."