The Walking Dead

Connecting My Book To Greek Myths

About My Novel

Rick is a small town cop with a wife and son. When he is caught in a gun battle aside his friend Shane, he is shot and wakes up from a coma 4 weeks later in the hospital. When he leaves, he finds that things have changed. The dead are up and walking around and he must now find his wife and son. He adventures into Atlanta, where things are worse and is saved by Glenn, who brings him to a small group of people. They escape the city and get to a small camp where the rest of the people are where he is reunited with his wife, son, and his best friend Shane. But now they must all fight to survive together.

Some Important Faces

RICK: This is the small town cop. He is considered the leader of the group of people due to his abilities to make good choices for everone. He is responsible for making sure everyone is safe, including his wife and son.

LORI: This is Rick's wife. She is a few weeks pregnant and is constantly worrying about Rick because of all the pressure he is under. She has a big attitude but she is a big help with everyone else in the group.

CARL: This is Rick's son. Recently Carl was given a gun for self protection. He has been a big help to everyone and he's a great shot. He is also always looking out for his dad and is brought on expeditions to find food and such. He knows what's best for himself and he's also very stubborn. He is about 9 years old.

SHANE: This is Rick's friend, the other cop. He is the one who brought Rick to the hospital after getting shot and the one who kept coming to check on him. He sealed Rick's hospital room door while the SWAT and infected were coming through in a rampage. He also loves Lori, Rick's wife, and he's a bit crazy.

TYREESE: The new addition to the group. He brought along his daughter. They found the group when they stopped on the highway and has been tagging along. He's pretty much 2nd in charge around everyone and he's a retired professional football player. He cares very much for everyone around him, including his daughter.

Rick and his family

Connections to Greek Mythology

Connection #1

Rick Grimes is really the most powerful one of the group. He makes the major decisions and he's really the person you'd go to to speak for the whole group. Everything has to go through him. I found him to be very similar to Zues, the god of Thunder. He is the most powerful one of the gods and he's the main figure when you think of Gods and mythology. He is the leader of the Gods, just like how Rick is the leader of the group.


Rick In The Hospital by kennyfisherr

Connection #2

Glenn is the one who usually delivers things and makes runs to the city to collect supplies and such for the group. I found him similar to Hermes because he and Hermes really both run deliveries and collect stuff for other people. Hermes is the messanger of the Gods, Glenn is the messenger of the group.

Connection #3

Rick's group and another group of people, Woodbury, are currently in a war. They're going back and forth and nothing seems to ever get resolved. I find this similar to how the Gods are fighting with the Titans. They all fight together to try and defeat their enemy.

Connection #4

In TWD, there is one person who nobody really trusts or feels safe around. His name is Merle. In Greek Mythology, there is a god that nobody really trusts or feels safe around as well. His name is Hades. In a way, they are both separated from the rest of their groups. Hades is sentenced to the Underworld and Merle is really distant from the group, but they're both still a part of something.


The Walking Dead (Cryptex Reglitch) by cryptex