Industrial Revolution

By:Amber Belcher

Poor housing vs Rich housing

Poor housing consists of tenements and children would have to share a room. It was very overcrowded. They would have to go outside and get their water to cook. Poor people worked long hours and worked in nasty work places. Rich housing on the other hand was way better than poor housing. Most people wish they lived the life of a rich person. Some rich people like Andrew Carnegie possibly had 2 houses.


Rich people had the ability to run businesses and make a lot of money. These were people like Andrew Carnegie, John D Rockefeller, and J.P Morgan. They were captains of industry so they life's were less complicated. Poor people worked in very dangerous situations and on their jobs could take the risk to die if they weren't careful of what they did. Some kids would work to support they're family or because they had a loss in the family. They also lived in terrible housing sleeping tightly together. I couldn't imagine having to do that it would be so uncomfortable.

Poor Vs Rich kids

Rich people had time to do all kinds of stuff. The rich people had a lot more stuff to do than the poor people did. They also had more time off than poor people. Rich people would attend baseball games, opera, and ride bicycles. Poor people had things a lot harder, poor only had Sundays off. So they mainly went to church on they're days off. So rich kids had a better life than poor kids.


Rich kids lived a very better life than the poor kids. The rich kids were able to have a childhood and they wouldn't have to work 14-16 hour days. Poor kids would have to work 14-16 hour days on the other hand. They didn't get to have any fun with friends. Rich kids pretty much got to do whatever they wanted to. The poor kids would have to worry if they were gonna get fed that day. Also they had to grow up as adults quickly.