Big Bend National Park

Find out new thing about Big Bend

The fauna different species and amount. Also the endangered species and flora.

The fauna in big bend is in species: 430 birds, 75 mammals, and 67 reptile and amphibian. Also one of the endangered species are bats.

The flora of big bend is agave, sotol, and oaks.

The threat to big bend.

Bid bend has lost a lot of water and wild life because of weather.

The landform.

Big bend is a flat desert and rugged crest mountains. Also is full of wildlife. There are rapid rivers. Trails are along the canyon the unique landforms are the rock.

What to do.

Backcountry, bird watching, day hiking, and ranger-led programs

The history

Big bend has natural resources and recreational. Also the park as a lot of history

Some pictures of big bend