Math Vocabulary

Quadratics Ch 9


  1. a symmetrical open plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its side. The path of a projectile under the influence of gravity ideally follows a curve of this shape.


A quadratic equation - involving the second and no higher power of an unknown quantity or variable.
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each angular point of a polygon, polyhedron, or other figure.
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Axis of Symmetry

  1. The two sides of a graph on either side of the axis of symmetry look like mirror images of each other. Example: This is a graph of the parabola y = x2 – 4x + 2 together with its axis of symmetry x = 2. The axis of symmetry is the red vertical line.

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Maximum/Minimum Value

    1. To see whether it is a maximum or a minimum, in this case we can simply look at the graph. f(x) is a parabola, and we can see that the turning point is a minimum. By finding the value of x where the derivative is 0, then, we have discovered that the vertex of the parabola is at (3, −4).

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each of the quantities in a ratio, series, or mathematical expression
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First Difference

  1. The first-difference (FD) estimator is an approach used to address the problem of omitted variables in econometrics and statistics with panel data. The estimator is obtained by running a pooled OLS estimation for a regression of on .

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Second Differences

For a sequence defined by a quadratic formula, the second differences will be constant and equal to twice the number of n2 . For example,
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a number or quantity that when multiplied by itself, typically a specified number of times, gives a specified number or quantity
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