Dublin Construction Information

Construction on our new school building began on March 11, 2021! We are thrilled for this project to get underway. While this is an exciting time, there will be some adjustments and inconveniences that will occur over the next few years to accommodate construction. We know that we can work through these together, keeping the end goal of a fabulous new building in mind! Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.
Construction Update

New Shamrock Pickup (Dismissal) Information/Route

To accommodate construction, our Shamrock Pickup line and location must be rerouted to the front of the building. As we do not have nearly as much space to spread out cars, we are asking families to stagger their pickup times to accommodate the new restrictions and lack of space. Families with last names A-L should pick up students from 3:30-3:45 Monday-Thursday and 2:30-2:45 on Friday. Families with last names M-Z should pick up students from 3:45-4:00 Monday-Thursday and 2:45-3:00 on Friday. This should help to eliminate some of the traffic congestion and ultimately make pickup a faster process.

The map below will give you a visual of the following information. Parents should still pull through the circle drive in front, but then will turn and curve in front of the new gym instead of pulling straight and going behind the building. We ask that you continue to join the line on Farnsworth and turn right only into the circle drive. Please do not turn left into the circle drive from Farnsworth. Additionally, do not turn onto Farnsworth from Sandyside, as Sandyside remains a bus lane only. When you exit the parking lot, turn right only onto Farnsworth to keep traffic flowing.

We know that this is not the ideal pickup route, but it is currently the best solution to accommodate our limited space due to construction. We appreciate your support in keeping all of our students safe and remaining a good neighbor to our surrounding community as we go through daily dismissal.

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The students will continue to have outdoor recess on a daily basis, weather permitting. We have made adjustments to the recess areas and still have three different zones for our students to play in outdoors.

Construction Site Map

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Construction Video Feed and Photos Coming Soon!