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Store Manager

Introduction to Fashion Retail

Fashion is all around us and retail is what helps it last longer. From enticing consumers to buying new straight off the runway trends and helping to revamp our wardrobes, and the faces and power behind the running of it all are the Store Managers.

Role of the Store Manager

In a nutshell these powerful figures are responsible for running the store everyday, no matter how big or small it is. The aim of this job role is to 'maximise profits while minimizing costs', this means that store managers have to have the ability to increase profits of the store, while keeping the costs of achieving this low.

Being a store manager;

- challenging career in a fast moving environment.

- responsible for the running of the store.

- motivating staff to achieve sales targets.

- organize events & monitor industry trends.

- Be responsible for the day-day running of the retail store. The main focus of work is to Improve commercial performance of the store by increasing its turnover and maximizing sales as well as forecasting future sales.

Responsibilities and Attributes

- Strong Leadership - Without a strong leadership the business could fail as the staff won't listen to someone who's not strong in there job, also strong leadership will mean a more organized team an a better run business, which results in higher profits. More Over, a store manager will have to be able to deal with any staffing issues. For example, if a staff member isn't performing to the stores standard such as if they aren't achieving there daily KPI targets, or if there has been a difficult relationships on shop floors between employees. Store Managers should have to have a calming demeanour when approaching these situations, as well as being fair to both employees or just the one.

- Potential- store managers have to have potential in there jobs to bring the business into either a new life, or a better one. For example, a business may change from having a older store manager to a younger one and the younger one may bring in new and fresh ideas.

- Ability to maximize retail opportunities- Store Managers have to be vigilent with keeping up with trends, looking at what competitors are doing but also giving customers that extra special treatmemt by going the extra mile. For example, making new additions to the store such as gift wrapping, this not only maximizes revenue for the store but also makes customers feel like they are getting that luxury treatment.

-Confident in making decisions- Store Managers need to be confident when making big decisions and small ones. For example, when moving stock to help it sell better or staff movements on to different floors or higher positions.

Typical Tasks

- Managing & Motivating a team to increase sales.

- Overseeing recruitment & training of staff.

- Keeping track of stock and ordering through computer systems.

- Organizing sales promotions & in - store events.

- Serving customers when required.

- Dealing with queries, complaints and feedback from customers.

- Analyzing sales figures & forecasting future sales volumes.

- Maintaining awareness of market trends & monitoring what competitors are doing.

- Controlling budgets & costs.

- Providing reports to senior company executives.

Hours & Income


- full time job (37-40 hours).

- likely to include evenings & weekends.

- divide time between sales area & office area.


- salaries £20,000-£30,000 (when starting)

- earnings for larger store managers rise to over £40,000 and possibly can reach to £70,000 and over

- Earn staff bonuses & commission for meeting sales targets

Entry Requirements

- Promotion is the most common entry route ' working your way up' .

- If the business you are working in runs trainee management schemes.

- Advanced apprenticeships.

- Switch managerial post.

Training and developing

- Need experience in retail.

- Level 3 certificate/diploma in retail skills management.

- Foundation degrees in retailing or retail management.

- Degrees in retail management or fashion retail management.

Skills, Interests & Qualities

- Lead & otivate a team.

- Excellent communication & peoples skills.

- Strong commitment to customer service.

- The ability to work under pressure & handle challenging situations.

- Confidence, drive & enthusiasm.

- Decision making ability & sense of responsibility.

- The ability to understand & analyse sales figures.

- Good business sense.

- An understanding of retail laws, security and health & safety.

Typical Day

I used the store manager of House of Fraser Reading and replicated what her typical day was like through this.


- floor manager and deputy sale manager meeting

- store meeting

- morning store walk


- office work

- dealing with high up customer complaints


- flash meeting with floor managers to talk about kpi figures and any problem on the floors


- evening store walk

- spotting opportunities to maximize sales ie moving fixtures.

overall running the store from start to finish.

store operational job roles

- Loading bay.

- Security.

- Sales assistant.

- Sales advisor (manager function swipe cards).

- Switch board.

- Buy & Collect staff.

- Human Resources.

- Sales support team.

- Visual Merchandisers.

- Deputy Sales Managers.

- floor managers

- deputy manager

- store manager

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