5th Grade Newsletter

Monday, September 13 - Friday, September 24

The Role of the Learning Coach

We appreciate all the support our Learning Coaches provide each day! You play a vital role in helping your student grow academically.


  • Learning Coaches should read and respond to emails daily.
  • If your student is absent, please email all of your student's teachers.
  • Make sure student is attending live Class Connects and completing daily lessons in the OLS.

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Important Upcoming Dates

  • September 24th: No School
  • October 6th: ELA TGA #1 Due in Seesaw


Unit 3, Lesson 3 - Due October 6th

At the conclusion of ELA Unit 3, Lesson 3, students are asked to complete a personal narrative. Each student will write about a meaningful moment in his/her life. This assignment must be typed. Remember: Teacher Graded Assignments are 30% of students' overall ELA grade.

*This offline activity will be assigned and completed in your student's Seesaw account.

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Course Information


As we continue work in Unit 1 of our Summit Math curriculum, fractions are introduced. We will write a fraction that is equivalent to a given fraction, write an improper fraction as a mixed number, and write fractions in their simplest form. Then, students will make connections and comparisons between fractions and decimals.

As you progress through each lesson, you will be directed to complete tasks in the provided workbooks.


In beginning our study of Unit 2, we will investigate fascinating tales from history. We will read The Mary Celeste: An Unsolved Mystery from History by Jane Yolen. If you are missing this book from your curriculum materials, please let your teacher know. We will work together to determine main ideas and distinguish between key supporting details and minor supporting details. Additionally, students will recognize subtle differences in the meanings of words and use context clues to help determine meaning of unknown words.


Students are expected to work for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week in MindPlay. They should be completing these lessons independently, as it adapts to their level.

In order to complete the lesson, students need to click the "Open MindPlay" link inside the course and actively work for 30 minutes in MindPlay before marking the lesson complete in the OLS.


We will continue our study of Unit 2 which dives into the study of oceans. Students will learn about waves, tides, and the ocean floor. Students will have the opportunity to conduct experiments to find out how the Sun and moon affect tides and decide which animals and plants belong in the numerous habitats that exist at the coast.

Foreign Language

If you are enrolled in a foreign language course (Spanish, French, or German), the due dates are incorrect in the OLS. Please reference the calendars below for the lessons to complete each week.

2021-2022 Academic Calendar

Important Websites and Information


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Online Learning School (OLS)

This is where you access Class Connect sessions, view grades, and complete course work.


This is where you can access student handbooks, tutoring information, and support services.

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