By Remi Weber

Its Superflous!!!!!!!

Hey parents! Looking for a non responsible, non reliable, non human named Non! Then your at the right place. Here at non corp. we make our customers non mean! non looks The exact opposite of YOU too. Now isn't that just awesome.

Its Amazing!!!!

It can do the dirty work for you! For example, If you are watching TV, it will maybe do the dishes. Even vacuum! Here at non corp. We Guarantee That the one and only, 'Non" will do the exact opposite of. If you jump off a bridge, He wont! You Don't have a beautiful garden, He'll try and make one for you! ! The "non" is for you!!

Its the one and only!!!!!

We like to compare our great and power full "non" to things like, Millions of dollars, any electronics, And even Half the continent. The "non" is there for you when your kids aren't!

Its the Brand new product!!!!!!

Non's life was hard, he grew up with a curse only he knew about. whenever someone said to do something he would do the exact opposite because of the curse. It was a curse he wished he never had. When he was a older he started to realize what the advantages of this could be, like doing good things in the world. He tried to get into any prefix business there was and they all didn't give him a chance. Then we came along. We gave non a chance and he grew up to be a star. He is now publicized everywhere and everyone is looking to buy him. He was a natural born prodigy!