Mona Dethe


Mona Dethe

From anchoring gatherings in her college days to being a confident professional Emcee today, Mona Dethe has come a long way. She has achieved pinnacles of success at an age where most of her peers are still unsure about their road ahead. Coming from a family of liberal thinkers, she has always indulged in extracurricular activities beyond academics. Ever since she remembers, the stage has always been her calling. Despite her strong academic background, Mona decided to pursue her passion. And once she made up her mind, shows followed, audience grew and the network expanded. Within no time she’d already casted her spell over the audience.
With over 500 shows to her credit, Mona has travelled extensively and understands the pulse of the audience wherever she goes. It is her zeal for travelling, people, conversations, writing and reading that gives her an added advantage and makes her the most sought after Emcee in the industry.
Born and brought up in Pune, Emcee Mona Dethe, has completed her Masters in Business Administration with majors in Marketing. She has also studied radio broadcasting and is fluent with technical writing.
A magnetic personality, Mona understands the clients thought process and bridges the gap between the brand and audience by creating an out of the world experience with her ideation and execution. Give her a concept and you can trust her to make it a larger than life experience for your brand and your target audience. Show after show and event after event, Mona has blown away the audience’s mind with her wit, grace and voice.
An immaculate blend of beauty and brains she believes in living each moment larger than life and in giving her audiences the same experience. The entire world’s a stage for her!

SHOWREEL Anchor Mona Dethe


Remuneration - Rs 40,000.00 + Service Tax@12.36% + Travel